It’s easy to be distracted while afloat. Unfortunately, as a result it's far too easy to forget to connect your Engine Cut-Off Switch (ECOS). Especially after performing tasks on the boat such as pulling in an anchor or fenders, reeling in a fish, instructing sailors or perhaps a change of captain at sea. 

A Motor Boat & Yachting magazine readers’ poll indicated that 83% of boat users admitted they had forgotten at some point to connect their ECOS.  If you and your family get thrown from a moving boat without the ECOS connected, the consequences are potentially disastrous. With no one aboard, the boat has a tendency to circle out of control and at speed, closing in on both the crew in the water and other people or boats nearby, putting lives in great danger. Such tragedies have been well publicized and are horrific for all concerned.

Lifecord ensures its connection is unforgettable, keeping you and your family safer on the water. It detects connection to the boat’s ECOS and then simultaneously senses connection to the boat operator. Should the latter not be made, it emits an audible and visual alarm every ten seconds, quietly at first as a gentle reminder, then increasing in volume. 


The CR2 battery is readily sourced and simply to replace. It uses no power when not in use and minimal power in ‘connected’ mode. Combining these, even in commercial use, the battery should last a season with ease even including when it is occasionally in full alarm mode. It is highly recommended that batteries are replaced annually. 

The product is supplied with 7 clip heads ensuring it fits the majority of engine/boat types. No adaption or alteration to the vessel itself is required to use Lifecord. It simply replaces the boat’s existing Engine Cut-Off Switch Link.

Lifecord is packaged in a branded and PVC / nylon drawstring bag, which is useful for product storage after purchase. A small card presentation label and nylon tie ensures minimal packaging to recycle.

Lifecord’s injection molded parts include the battery enclosure, also containing the electronics. It is exceptionally robust, designed to withstand the pressures of being placed within a second injection mold tool after the electronic components are fitted, encasing it with a tactile and shock absorbing soft touch over mold making it ideally suited to the challenges of a marine environment.

IMANNA Testing Facility Quote:
“The Lifecord device is a new and innovative engine cut-off switch device that is well engineered and designed to promote safety for boaters with its simplistic and effective application.”


On April 1, 2021, all operators of recreational vessels less than 26 feet were federally mandated to use their Engine Cut Off Switch (ECOS) when in "Navigable Waters of the US". The Lifecord engine cut-off switch complies with the American Boat & Yacht Council's A-33 standard which is the referenced standard in the US Code for the ECOS law that is currently in affect.

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